Spray Painting Work, Water Proofing, Heavy Duty Flooring, Industrial Flooring, Oxychloride Flooring, Mumbai, India

Polyurethane refinish coating systems, Epoxy Adhesive, Epoxy resins,  Epoxy Hardeners

For Epoxy Adhesive, Casting, Laminating, Tooling, Imitation Jewellery, Civil & Building Construction Materials, Industrial Floorings, Hygienic, Anti-Corrosive & Chemical resistance surface coatings.
Epoxy clear Lacquer & anticorrosive chemical & weather resistant paints.
Polyurethane refinish coating systems.
High Gloss and smooth finish lacquer and paint for Automobiles, Brass,
   Helmet, Furniture, Metal, Leather, Glass and Plastics, FRP & Polyester
   Film coating.
PU water based paint for hygienic, anti-bacterial and anti fungal wall
Epoxy Flexible systems for Label doming
General Purpose Epoxy Putty.
Super - Bond
Tiles, Marble and Expansion jointing compound (Hard & Flexible).
Supreme Pigment
Pigment pastes for Epoxy & Polyester based

Supreme Polytech Pvt. Ltd has entered the new millennium with various grades of high performance Superdite ® the versatile epoxy resins and curing agents for epoxy Adhesives, Casting, Laminating, Tooling, Imitation Jewellery, Civil and Building Construction Materials, Industrial Floorings, Surface Coatings, Super-Dome Flexible system for Label – Doming, Superlac epoxy clear lacquer & paints, Super-Seal Epoxy Putty, Pigment pastes ( in Epoxy & Polyster ) & also Super-coat the polyurethane refinish coatings systems and many new applications making use of these Superior- version epoxy resins & hardeners.

Superdite® versatile epoxy resin systems for Industrial Flooring, Building, Civil Engineering & Rehabilitation of Structures. Epoxy resin formulations are being extensively used in various parts of the world & in our country for rehabilitation of distressed structures. Many causative factors in isolation or jointly can contribute to the damage of structures. Among them are natural factors like ageing, weathering, earthquakes, fire accidents, exposure to aggressive environment resulting in atmospheric / chemical corrosion, faulty design & errors at construction, limitation of concrete itself in meeting severe mechanical forces of vibration, abrasion, erosion & cavitations, faulty use in terms of overloading etc. It is possible to use epoxy resins effectively in most of the cases mentioned above to ensure adequate repairs & Strengthening.

The Salient features & most important characteristics of epoxy resins formulations are :
Excellent adhesion to most materials
Minimum maintenance cost
High mechanical properties dimensional stability
Low shrinkage during cure
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Exceptional abrasion resistance
Easy to apply
Good impermeability to water & oil.
Fast Curing
Maintenance of Hygiene & Improve Aesthetics

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