Does Cpes work?

If the whole piece of wood is gone, then there’s nothing to do but replace it. CPES ™ is good but it won’t work miracles. More often than not, there is still good wood around and the rot is reasonably dry. A compressor with air hoses can be used to blow dry air through the wood if necessary.

How do you use Cpes?

Apply CPES slowly and methodically to the wood until no more will soak into one area. This is all done at one time, keeping the wood wet until no more soaks in. Brushing is the most practical method of application for individual projects.

Where can you buy Cpes?

CPES ™ (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer) and Smith’s Epoxy Fill-it™ are sold on Amazon exclusively by TIMBERCRAFT™.

Can you paint over Cpes?

CPES is an excellent adhesion-promoting primer for paint when the topcoat needs a primer, although most primers can be used.

How much penetrating epoxy do I need?

More Details

Size Penetrating Epoxy Resin (A) Quantity Total Mixed Quantity
Pint Kit 1 Pint 1.5 Pints
Quart Kit 1 Quart 1.5 Quarts
Half-Gallon Kit 1/2 Gallon 3/4 Gallon
Gallon Kit 1 Gallon 1.5 Gallons
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What is the best way to seal plywood?

  1. Sand all sides of the plywood using 80-grit sandpaper.
  2. Repeat sanding with 120-grit sandpaper.
  3. Apply sanding sealer in even brush strokes to coat the surface of the wood, using a clean paintbrush.
  4. Use 120-grit sandpaper again to lightly sand the sealed surface.
  5. Apply a final coat of sanding sealer and allow to dry.

Can you soak wood in epoxy?

Straight epoxy should soak into the wood enough to seal it and keep it from getting wet, but won’t add much if any structural value. Cutting your epoxy with solvents is unlikely to work too well; it may thin the resin, but it’ ll also weaken it, defeating the purpose.

What does Cpes stand for?


Acronym Definition
CPES College of Physical Education and Sports (Universidad de Manila; Philippines)
CPES Center for Power Electronics Systems (Virginia Tech)
CPES Crew Procedures Evaluation/Evaluator Simulator (NASA)
CPES College of Physical and Engineering Science

How many coats of Cpes are there?

Strip with the Jasco, sand, CPES, and then put AT LEAST 5 coats of varnish over the CPES. Seven coats would be even better, with a light sanding in between each coat.

What is clear penetrating epoxy sealer?

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer ™ ( CPES ™) consists of a tough, flexible resin system in a solvent blend which dissolves the sap, oil and moisture found in wood. The resin system is derived from natural wood resin and develops a chemical adhesive bond to the wood fibers themselves.

How do you make penetrating epoxy?

Pour parts A & B at a 2:1 mix ratio into mixing cups. Mix parts A & B into one mixing cup and stir for 2-5 minutes. For more penetration into the wood add 50% lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol and mix together. Using a cup or a syringe, pour or inject the epoxy to damaged or rotted area.

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