What is terrazzo epoxy?

Description: A nominal 1/4″ or 3/8″ thick resin matrix veneer placed upon a level concrete slab; Also can be specified with glass, synthetic, or granite aggregates in lieu of marble to provide brilliant colors or chemical resistance; The best “thin-set” system. AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS.

How expensive is epoxy terrazzo flooring?

Overall Cost Savings of Terrazzo: Zone 1 and Zone 6B

Commercial Flooring Types Cost (Per Sq. Ft Installed) Annual Cost (Per Sq. Ft)
Epoxy Terrazzo $28.00 $1.54
Sand Cushion Terrazzo $31.11 $1.79
Monolithic Terrazzo $24.89 $1.80
Vinyl Sheet $6.92 $4.23


What is terrazzo flooring made of?

Terrazzo is a flooring material traditionally made by exposing marble chips on the surface of concrete and then polishing until smooth. Now, however, you can buy terrazzo in tile form. It’s often used in public buildings because it’s long-lasting and can be refinished repeatedly.

Why is terrazzo so expensive?

The complexity of your design: The more complex and complicated your design, the more expensive the overall cost. Simple designs or naturally occurring ones will cost much less. The materials used: The materials used in the terrazzo impacts the overall cost of the job.

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Is terrazzo the same as epoxy?

Using an epoxy matrix to bind aggregates allows for an incredibly thin set system that consists of colour and shimmering pieces of glass, marble or granite to create a smooth and luxurious floor finish.

Type Epoxy Resin Terrazzo Flooring Cementitious Terrazzo Flooring
Curing Fast curing Longer duration to cure


Is terrazzo out of style?

“The terrazzo trend has never gone out of style in places like Palm Springs, where mid-century design reigns,” Zwicki says. “The latest versions of terrazzo surfaces play with scale and color serve as a fun graphic element, where past versions are typically more grey and condensed.”

How long does it take to install terrazzo floors?

An installation of 1,000 square feet will take just as long as 2,500-3,000, which a terrazzo contractor can turn over in about ten days, depending on the pattern and substrate conditions.

Is it worth it to restore terrazzo floors?

Can terrazzo floors be restored or repaired? Yes, if your terrazzo has lost its appealing high gloss shine due to UV lighting or long-term wear, you can restore this look by having it restored. Restoration is also the recommended option if you’ve got holes on the surface of your terrazzo.

Can you put epoxy over terrazzo?

Epoxy can be coated over terrazzo however you need to be aware of the following factors: Good grinding is required so that the whole surface will be ‘scratched’ and able to mechanically bond with the new coat. You want to remove any existing sealers still left on the surface that could clash with the epoxies.

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How do you make homemade terrazzo?

If you want to create “real terrazzo ” you can use white cement and pieces of tiles. Place the broken pieces of tiles in a mold and then pour the cement over them. Wait a few days for the cement to dry before unmolding and sanding. This is the technique proposed by Remodelista to create a superb terrazzo side table.

Why does terrazzo crack?

The movement in the epoxy caused the terrazzo to crack in those areas. The black residual at the terrazzo divider strips was un-reactive resin hardener residue, which is caused by not properly mixing the epoxy mix.

What is the best cleaner for terrazzo floors?

Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner Bona is terrazzo floor cleaner that was recommended by Flooring creations. Backed by 100 years of cleaning heritage, this is a water-based cleaner that carries the GREENGUARD GOLD certification. Using this formula is as simple as spraying and mopping.

What are the advantages of terrazzo?

Benefits of Terrazzo

  • Unlimited Architectural and Design Options. An unlimited color palette, and state of the art water jet cutting techniques create a visually stunning hospitality environment.
  • Impact Design.
  • Durability.
  • Low Maintenance and Low Cost.
  • Composition and Embodied Energy.
  • Cleanliness + Maintenance.

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