How do you repair a carbon board?

You can fix carbon boards the same way you would fix any epoxy board. The only difference is that they used carbon fiber cloth instead of fiberglass cloth when glassing. So yes, a clear UV stable 2 part epoxy will work fine. The most important part is to completely seal the ding.

How do you clean a windsurf board?

Clean Magic Eraser is helpful on small scuffs, automotive polishing compound on larger scuffs & scratches. For tar & such use Xylene (solvent), should be fine but test on a small patch to be sure. I highly recommend a high pressure manual carwash spray hose with soap, and then rinse.

What causes surfboard delamination?

Heat can cause a board to bubble. Fiberglass begins to soften at around 150 degrees. Its’ bond to the foam begins to deteriorate and is then subject to delamination.

Can a sup be repaired?

In most cases repairs can be done at home and it’s worth remembering that whilst Inflatable SUP Boards are durable and robust, if you don’t look after them, you could end up with some damage.

Can cracked carbon fiber be fixed?

Carbon fiber does not contain any metal elements. Most collision shops will be making structural repairs to cosmetic carbon fiber panels. For replacement procedures, a mechanically fastened or bonded carbon fiber component can be replaced in the shop.

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How much does it cost to fix delamination on a surfboard?

Deck Patch

Poly Epoxy
SB Deck Patch $65+UP $75+UP
LB 3/4 Deck Patch $85+UP $95+UP
SB Stringer Patch $55+UP $65+UP
LB Stringer Patch Delamination $65+UP $75+UP $80+UP $90+UP


How long does an epoxy surfboard take to cure?

Generally speaking, most epoxy resins take about 5 days or so to fully cure. But you have to keep in mind that by the time you actually get your board from you shaper or the glass shop, way more than 5 days would have passed by since it was laminated. So you should be able to head straight down for a surf.

Should you rinse your surfboard?

Rinse Your Board After You Surf Salt water wreaks havoc on pretty much everything it touches. When you’re done surfing, it’s a good idea to rinse your board. Most popular surfing beaches have showers where you can rinse yourself and your board with fresh water.

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