What does Apoxie sculpt not stick to?

It adheres to glass, metal, plastic, wood, your eyeglasses, your fingernails, tools, etc. so always be sure to constantly and thoroughly clean your hands and your tools.

Can Apoxie Sculpt be sanded?

It has a long working time so you can smooth it out, leaving a lot less sanding.

Can you use Apoxie sculpt without gloves?

Both Magic- Sculpt and Apoxie Sculpt can be used with bare hands. Some people prefer using latex gloves for easier cleanup, others like the better feel without gloves. There may be a slight odor with new containers of epoxy clay when first opened.

How long does Apoxie sculpt last?

Apoxie ® Sculpt, Super White, FIXIT, FIXIT Sculpt and Apoxie Clay have a shelf life of 2 – 3 years, additionally all of Aves products are freeze-thaw-stable so you can store them in your refrigerator or freezer for extended shelve life.

Do you have to bake Apoxie sculpt?

Apoxie ® Sculpt is designed to withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees F. for best results we recommend allowing our product to cure before baking.” (Personal opinion.if you were to do this, I’d leave all windows open with good ventilation as well as use a separate hobby-only oven if possible

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Can you mix acrylic paint with Apoxie sculpt?

You can mix any color with it. Long as you dont over do it. I have badger airbrush paints which are very very wet compared to other acrylic paints.

How long does magic sculpt take to dry?

Overnight it will cure rock hard in open air without baking; it will even set up under water. Cure time: Total cure time is 24 hours to approximately 80 Shore D hardness. Tools: TCS suggests using ClayShapers or ColorShapers with Magic – Sculpt.

Is Apoxie sculpt safe?

The Apoxie ® Sculpt two part system as designed in the quantities provided is safe for normal use by adults. Not intended for use by children. May cause an allergic skin reaction and eye irritation. H317 – May cause an allergic skin reaction.

Does Apoxie sculpt stick to styrofoam?

I used Apoxie Sculpt on dollar store styrofoam skulls last year, it works well to add detail, depth, etc, it’s easy to use. I love using it!!

Can you use Apoxie sculpt in molds?

It has a putty consistancy with no odor. Use equal parts. I decided to try the Apoxie Sculpt in a silicone mold made from Amazing Molding Putty. It was a little challenging trying to get it to stay in the mold and not pull out by sticking to my gloves!

When can you sand Apoxie sculpt?

When first blended, Apoxie Sculpt is very crumbly and sticky, so users should follow the instructions from the container and wait an hour before starting their project. For hard finishing details, you should wait for the product to cure for 24 hours before you begin any sanding, tapping, or drilling.

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Is epoxy cancerous?

Major health risks Epoxy products are potent skin sensitizers (allergens). Epichlorohydrin, one of the constituents of the epoxy resin monomer (figure 2) is a skin sensitizer. In addition, epichlorohydrin is classified as carcinogenic in the category 1B, ‘presumed human carcinogen’, according to the EU classification.

Do you need gloves for epoxy sculpt?

I highly recommend that you wear gloves. I have developed an allergy to the product after using it several years. Jay, I have used the product for several years now to sculpt with and have not used gloves yet. However if you have sensitive skin it might be useful to wear gloves.

What can I use instead of Apoxie sculpt?

Alternatives are Milliput or Plumber’s Epoxy in the tube.

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