What is needed to make epoxy keychains?


  1. Silicone Cup.
  2. Heat Gun.
  3. Resin Dye.
  4. Supply Kit.
  5. Jewelry Kit.
  6. Glitter Set.
  7. Screw Keychains.
  8. Alphabet Mold.

Can you make keychains with epoxy?

E-6000 Epoxy Jewelry Adhesive – glue for jewelry findings I love how these keychains fit nicely in my hand. The bright colors will also be easy to find in my purse. By putting the shaved ice on the resin, instead of mixing it in, it stayed behind the glitter, giving even more dimension to these charms.

How do you dry epoxy keychains?

Cure time is affected by temperature: warmer temperatures facilitate curing and colder temperatures slow curing. Place a space heater or heat lamp near your piece to encourage the resin to cure faster.

How long does it take an epoxy keychain to dry?

Usually, it takes around 72 hours to fully cure the epoxy. Whatever the dry time, the resin should be allowed to fully cure before attempting to move or sand it. If the epoxy isn’t allowed to rest until fully cured, your project will be prone to surface contamination.

Do you need to seal acrylic keychains?

To Seal or Not to Seal Some people do use resin and epoxy to coat and seal the acrylic blank. If that is something you are comfortable working with then I say go for it but if not, you project is going to be just fine. As long as you are using permanent adhesive vinyl, you can trust the vinyl to stick on its own.

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Can you epoxy on acrylic?

Covering your acrylic painting in a coating of ArtResin is easy – in fact, epoxy resin takes acrylic paintings next level, giving them a professional looking finish with a glossy sheen that makes colour pop!

Why are my resin keychains breaking?

The most common reason is the epoxy got too hot while curing, causing it to cure faster and unevenly. The changes and differences in tempurature throughout the pour caused expanding and shrinking, which in turn cracked the already cured areas.

How do you make resin alphabet?

  1. Start by preparing your work space.
  2. Put silicone alphabet mold on top of the work space.
  3. Now time to make the resin.
  4. Slowly stir the resin and hardener together.
  5. Time to mix in a small amount of mica powder.
  6. Once mica powder is added, slowly mix the powder in the resin for about 2 minutes until powder is fully mixed.

Is resin poisonous?

Epoxy and resin can be poisonous if they are swallowed or their fumes are breathed in.

What is the best resin for keychains?

What is the best epoxy resin?

  1. Skogfe epoxy resin coating kit.
  2. Bloombee clear epoxy resin.
  3. Colour Master mica powder epoxy resin dye.
  4. Dr Crafty crystal clear epoxy resin.
  5. The Epoxy Resin Store premium quality clear epoxy resin.
  6. Amazing Clear Cast alumilite clear coating and casting resin.
  7. Dr Crafty full clear epoxy resin kit.

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