Can you use a heat gun on epoxy resin?

When heating your epoxy, we do recommend a propane torch instead of a heat gun or hairdryer. A heat gun is not as effective as the torch, and will push the epoxy and change your designs instead of levelling the surface and popping bubbles. We recommend using a torch head that works well when inverted.

What heat gun do you use for epoxy?

A hair dryer or heat gun doesn’t get hot enough to remove bubbles efficiently and can blow dust all over your wet resin. A butane or propane torch, on the other hand, is easy to use and provides the heat, control and intensity to remove bubbles for a flawless, pro finish!

How long do you use heat gun on resin?

Our compact electrical heat gun is particular designed for cup resin painting to pop bubbles, which can make your cup crafts look more smoothly and beautiful. Note: 1. Please DO NOT use more than 10 minutes continuously to prevent overheated, also please DO NOT let the child alone use heat gun.

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What is the best heat gun to use for resin art?

Best Heat Gun for Acrylic Pouring

Brand & Name Rating
Mlife Mini Heat Gun -300 Watt-Dual- Temperature for DIY Acrylic Resin Cups Tumblers Embossing Shrink Wrapping Paint Drying Crafts 4.6
Weller 9400PKS 120V Dual Heat 140/100W Universal Soldering Gun Kit 4.6
Wagner Spraytech 0503038 HT400 Embossing Heat Gun 4.6


How do you get bubbles out of resin without a heat gun?

A small amount of baby powder can work to reduce bubbles in resin. If you are using colored resin, you can even choose a powder that matches the color of the resin you are using. Use a delicate paintbrush to dust in the powder, then tap out any extra before pouring.

Why do you use a heat gun with resin?

Heat guns can help make cells in resin art For those of you who like to create resin art, heat guns can help you produce cells in your resin paintings. It can push resin over the surface of your painting substrate so you can create some unique effects.

What do I do if my epoxy doesn’t Harden?

Try moving your piece to a warmer spot: if it doesn’t dry, re-pour with a fresh coat of resin. Soft, sticky spots: if you have sticky spots on an otherwise perfectly cured surface, you may have scraped out unmixed resin or hardener from your mixing container when you poured.

How do you get air bubbles out of epoxy?

Use a little heat to pop the bubbles

  1. Use a hot air gun to break the surface tension and burst the bubbles. This should be done as soon as possible after pouring.
  2. Use a propane torch to burst the bubbles.
  3. Use a fine mist spray of denatured alcohol (methylated spirits) over the surface.
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Can I cure resin faster with a heat gun?

Just Use Heat It is actually possible to make epoxy resin dry faster, just by using heat. You can work in a warmer room or you can use heat lamps to encourage the resin to cure faster.

Can you use a lighter to get bubbles out of resin?

After the resin and hardener is mixed and poured, wait about two minutes. Then, to remove any air bubbles, use an artists torch, kitchen torch, lighter, toothpick, or straw to remove bubbles.

Can I use a hair dryer as a heat gun?

You can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun, but it won’t work very well. Basic heat guns are mostly used for drying or removing paint, defrosting a refrigerator, or unfreezing locks and water pipes — all tasks which require between 350F to 1150F of heat (via Tools First).

Can I use a lighter for resin?

#1 – Using a UTility lighter, quickly go over the surface of the resin. (This is the fastest and most effective, so be sure to start with this tip. You might not even need the others!) I recommend doing it 1 to 3 times as needed, with several minutes wait time in-between to allow the resin to cool.

Do you need a UV light for resin?

UV resin will require a UV lamp or a window with ample sunlight in order to cure, while 2-part resin should be poured in an area where you can cover the pieces to keep them free of dust for a few days.

Can you use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun for acrylic pouring?

Can I Use a Hair Dryer Instead of a Heat Gun for Acrylic Pouring? In the case of acrylic pouring, a hair dryer will be the best tool.

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