Is epoxy paint good for swimming pools?

Epoxy paint is a solvent-based pool paint. It can be used on various pool types, like concrete and even fiberglass, and it creates a unified, finished surface.

How long does epoxy pool paint last?

For the most part, you can expect your pool paint to last anywhere from two to five years. Epoxy will last you the longest: five to seven years.

What is the best pool paint?

Best Sellers in Pool Paint

  • #1.
  • INSL-X WR102309A-01 Waterborne, Semi-Gloss Pool Paint, 1 Gallon, Ocean Blue.
  • INSL-X WR101009A-01 Waterborne Semi-Gloss Pool Paint, 1 Gallon, White.
  • Pond Armor SKU-SKYBLUE-QT-R Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint, 1.5-Quart, Sky Blue.

What is the best paint for a concrete pool?

Three types of paint often applied to concrete pools are epoxy paint, chlorinated rubber paint and acrylic paint. Epoxy and chlorinated rubber paints are actually essentially matched in quality, durability and process – meaning that discerning which of the two your particular pool has can be extremely difficult.

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Does epoxy pool paint need primer?

Ramuc EP Hi-Build Epoxy pool paint requires no primer. Primer should not be used. Using a mechanical mixer, mix Part A for about 5 minutes.

How much does it cost to epoxy paint a pool?

Epoxy paint is another popular finish choice for fiberglass pools and other options such as concrete. It can take a few weeks to cure but produces a smooth, beautiful coating that looks good in any swimming pool. Epoxy is also cheaper than many other finishes, costing around $1,500 per application.

Will epoxy pool paint fill cracks?

Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint does the best of filling in hairline cracks and small pots in the surface. Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint gives you the smoothest surface once cured.

Is epoxy paint waterproof?

Using Epoxy Paint will give you a hard, waterproof, and chemical-resistant finish, which makes Epoxy Paint the right choice for your swimming pool. If you apply it correctly it will last for up to 10 years.

What is the smoothest pool finish?

PebbleFina® – provides the smoothest finish with superior strength and long-lasting durability, made from PTI’s smallest pebble. Choose from 11 different color options. PebbleBrillinace® – combines vibrant glass beads and natural stone to deliver a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant water color.

What is the longest lasting pool paint?

Epoxy Paint With an average lifespan of 7 to 8 years, this solvent-based paint has the longest lifespan of any other pool paint. That’s because it has the strongest resistance to pool chemicals, stains, abrasions, UV exposure and general wear.

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What’s the difference between pool paint and regular paint?

According to Pool Center, epoxy pool paint is the most durable and long lasting variety. Acrylic is much less durable, and is more appropriate for pools that receive regular repainting. You can expect your acrylic-coated pool to need repainting in two to three years.

Why are pools painted blue?

An indoor swimming pool appears blue from above, as light reflecting from the bottom of the pool travels through enough water that its red component is absorbed. The same water in a smaller bucket looks only slightly blue, and observing the water at close range makes it appear colourless to the human eye.

Should I paint or Replaster my pool?

A painted pool will look nowhere near to as good as a plastered pool over the course of 25 years. Painted pools are rougher, more unsightly, and will have much more damage of the surface layer than a pool that gets new plaster every 7 – 12 years.

Do I need to acid wash pool before painting?

The sanding process will prepare it for a good epoxy coating bond. Once it’s been sanded properly, wash the pool as previously detailed— acid washing isn’t necessary.

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